McGill Engineers in Action

The Pitch
Help us empower tomorrow's global change-makers while simultaneously connecting isolated communities to schools, health clinics, and markets by building footbridges.

The Highlights

  • Connect communities isolated from essential services like healthcare, education, and markets, thus shaping a better world.
  • Create opportunities for McGill students to engage in the design and construction of suspended bridges.
  • Help students develop leadership skills and gain a global perspective that will shape them to be lifelong global change-makers

The Story

Engineers in Action is an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of isolated communities in developing countries. The EIA Bridge Program has already allowed dozens of universities across the world complete 85 footbridges in 11 countries. We share their vision of a world free of rural isolation, so we created Quebec’s first student chapter of Engineers in Action at McGill University in 2018.

Last summer we fundraised to send two McGill students to volunteer and travel alongside the University of Colorado Boulder to Mathangeni, eSwatini for our first Tag-Along project. Mathangeni is an agricultural community whose primary crops are maize and beans. It is difficult to cross the local river for three months of the year, which led to six deaths in three years. The successful bridge project is now serving 500 people by providing them with safer access to education, healthcare, markets, and other eSwatini communities.

Having a ringside seat to such an amazing project has inspired us to aim even higher this year. McGill Engineers in Action will be sending five passionate volunteers to participate in a similar project in eSwatini during the summer of 2020. Once again, all the money donated will be used to cover the cost of the project, including bridge material procurement and transport, technical and operational support, and project labour.

Your donation will also help us continue our mission in the future, as we hope to send more and more passionate McGill students who will make a positive impact directly on underserved communities.

Meet the Project Team: 
Catherine Rousseau
  • Fourth-Year Civil Engineering Student
  • Co-VP Fundraising
  • I can taste the difference between regular and decaf coffee.
Yunyi Feng
  • Third-Year Civil Engineering Student
  • Co-VP Fundraising
  • The only pet I’ve ever had is a hamster.
Coral Scott
  • Second-Year Civil Engineering Student
  • Cultural Affairs Manager
  • I love learning a new dance when I travel to a different country.
Maureen Cyntia Foading
  • Third-Year Civil Engineering Student
  • VP Sponsorship
  • I own a teddy bear that is twice my size.
Ava Rimmer-Parla
  • Third-Year Civil Engineering Student
  • Co-Lead Design
  • I am "allergic" to vegetables.