McGill Engineering Games delegation 2018

The Pitch

Help McGill Engineering students attend and compete in the 2018 Jeux de Génie du Québec, an annual robotics, consulting and networking event that brings together some of the brightest young minds in Quebec.

The Highlights

Your support will:

  • Help us purchase pieces and equipment for our robot to compete at the Jeux de Génie
  • Enable us to subsidize travel expenses so our student engineers can participate
  • Shape our team of students into technically skilled but also socially conscious engineers who are prepared to collaborate with their peers in Quebec and beyond

The Story

Les Jeux de Génie (the Engineering Games) is an annual five-day competition and networking conference held every January that celebrates the skill and savvy of engineering students across Quebec. More than just a design contest, the Games are an important opportunity for our engineers to network and engage with other engineering students outside of the McGill bubble. The Games serve as the culmination of a year’s worth of activities focused on the social and cultural aspects of engineering.

Your support will be immensely helpful to us in several ways. It will enable us to buy the parts and pieces necessary to build our machine, an autonomous robot that must complete a challenge at the Games. Funds we raise will also will be used for transportation and accommodations during the competition, as well as providing subsidies for team members who do not have the means to attend and would otherwise miss out on this educational and professional event.

If we do not receive all the funds needed, we will have to cut down on the quality and quantity of materials used for the robot, significantly reducing our chances of doing well at the competition. Sadly, we would also have to reduce the subsidies for travel, which would limit the number of team members we can bring to the Games.

Please support McGill Engineering students today so we can participate in the Jeux de Génie and become technically skilled and socially minded engineers!

For any additional questions, please contact us at enggames [at]  or at our website,

Meet the Project Team: 
Justin Tremblay
  • Studying software Engineering.
  • VP Events/Social.
  • I used to organize video game tournaments!
Marie-Claire Hamel
  • I study Civil Engineering at McGill.
  • I am the chief this year and was VP Promo last year. These will be my 3rd Engineering Games.
  • I lived in Ireland for two years!
Samuel Eichhorn Bilodeau
  • I study Bioresource Engineering.
  • VP Machine.
  • Really into machine vision.
Ariane Otis-Laperrière
  • I study Bioresource Engineering.
  • VP Macdonald Campus Representative.
  • I am one of the whitest people ever and I never tan, but I was born and raised in Africa.
Kuvish Bussawah
  • I study Mechanical Engineering.
  • VP Finance.
  • I can sleep for 16 hours straight on a regular basis.
Luke W. Ma
  • I study Software Engineering.
  • VP Sponsorship.
  • I was declared clinically dead when I was 2.