McGill Cheerleading

the pitch
Support the McGill Cheerleading team so that we can continue to train and compete throughout the year!

the highlights

  • Cover the fees and expenses of national and international competitions
  • Upgrade our training equipment to aid in injury prevention
  • Purchase warmer team apparel to wear during football games

the story

The McGill Cheer Team is a self-funded team comprised of about 30 athletes who work incredibly hard both on and off the mat. For many of us, being part of the cheerleading team has been an integral and irreplaceable part of our McGill experience.

The sport of cheerleading requires an extreme amount of perseverance and athleticism. The heavy emphasis on teamwork and the pursuit of a common goal breeds lasting friendships between teammates, as well as a strong alumnae network of former cheerleaders who still invest in our success. We are all passionate about our sport, and we feel privileged to represent McGill and share the pride we have for our school with the cheerleading community and beyond.

The physical and mental benefits of being a part of the McGill Cheerleading community are many; however, there are also financial obligations. Your contribution will help us cover costs associated with competing, including participation, travel and uniforms, as well as the equipment needed for injury prevention at practice. Your support can reduce the financial burden on our athletes, giving us more opportunities to practice our sport and represent McGill University.

Meet the Project Team: 
Eloïse Parent
  • U2 - Honours International Development Studies
  • Communications Leader
  • Fun Fact: I traveled to more than 25 countries in the world!
Gabrielle Landry
  • 3L - Law
  • Campaign Leader
  • Fun fact: Over the course of the 9 years of my cheerleading career, I have sprained all of my fingers
Olivia Liang
  • U2 - Economics
  • Communications Leader
  • Fun Fact: My parents met at McGill!