McGill Baja Racing Team

The Pitch
Help the McGill Baja Racing Team build a new car to race in competitions!

The Highlights
With your support, we will:

  • Build our best baja car to date while gaining hands-on, real-world engineering experience.
  • Prepare for major design changes in 2021
  • Reduce travel costs for team members attending the competitions in Louisville, Kentucky and Peoria, Illinois.

The Story

The McGill Baja Racing Team is a group of over fifty passionate undergraduate students who work tirelessly to design and build an off-road racecar every year. Nearly all of the components of the car are designed and built by our team, allowing us to put our classroom learning into practice.

Each year, our team competes against more than 100 worldwide universities in Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competitions in the United States. Our vehicle is evaluated by automotive experts based on its design and craftsmanship, then put to the test in several dynamic challenges such as hill climbs, maneuverability courses and suspension events. The highlight of the competition is a four-hour endurance race designed to test the limits of each vehicle. Few vehicles can withstand the grueling conditions, and only a handful finish the wheel-to-wheel race.

The team has many expenses associated with the manufacturing of our vehicle, including the purchase of off-the-shelf components and the investment in hands-on training for our members. We also have high competition costs, which include travel and registration costs.

By supporting the McGill Baja Racing Team, you are contributing to the development of the next generation of engineers. When building our car, we gain hands-on, real-word experience that enables us to move into the engineering industry with valuable design, manufacturing, assembly and management skills. With the help of our donors, we can focus fully on creating this year’s prototype while enjoying every moment on the journey towards our finished project!

Meet the Project Team: 
Christopher Lauzon
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering U4
  • Involvement: Co-Captain and Brakes Subteam Leader
  • Fun Fact: My favourite animal is a turtle.
Stephane Bergeron
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering U3
  • Involvement: Suspension Subteam Leader
  • Fun Fact: My favourite colour is green
Jimmy Wang
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering, U3
  • Involvement: CVT and Drivetrain Subteam Leader
  • Fun Fact: I love snowboarding
Ryan McGriskin
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering U2
  • Involvement: Frame Subteam Leader
  • Fun Fact: I have never broken any bones
Georges Karam
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering U3
  • Involvement: Pedals Subteam Leader
  • Fun Fact: I have a black belt in karate
Joseph Jeon
  • Studying: Mechanical Engineering U3
  • Involvement: Co-Captain and Suspension Subteam Leader
  • Fun fact: I like pineapple on my pizza