Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Fund

The Pitch
Help the Faculty of Medicine create the Maximilian Eivakshani Memorial Studentship to support a high-achieving graduate student in the Centre for Structural Biology.

The Highlights
With your help we can:

  • establish a studentship to support a top graduate student in the Centre for Structural Biology, just like Max was.
  • raise $40,000 to further support the annual Maximilian Eivaskhani Memorial Studentship and recipient graduate students for at least the next 5 years.

The Story
Maximilian Eivaskhani, was brilliant doctoral student in the Centre for Structural Biology and Department of Biochemistry. After a tragic bicycle accident, he passed away on June 24, 2020, one day before his 29th birthday.

Maximilian, or Max to his friends in Montreal, was from Germany and enrolled in the Biochemistry Department at McGill as a PhD student in 2017. At McGill, he won a prestigious fellowship to support his studies of biosynthetic enzymes, and he made exceptional breakthroughs in his main project, as well as publishing a co-first author article in Science. He had recently performed exceptionally on his PhD proposal examination and was a rising star in the McGill scientific community.

In addition to his exceptional talents as a scientist and athlete, Max was also an exceptional friend and colleague, energetic and outgoing as well as sensitive and empathetic. When Max was having a conversation with you, you had his full undivided attention. He was a joy of a human being.

In memory of this scientist and young man, we would like your support in creating the Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Fund. With your help, we can establish a studentship that supports high-achieving doctoral students in the Centre for Structural Biology. Achieving this goal will help honour the legacy of our beloved student, friend, and scientist.