MacAction High Tunnel

One of the challenges of farming in Canada is the short growing season. But with a little creativity - and some seed money from you - we at the McGill Student-Run Ecological Gardens (MSEG) can extend the harvest season through some of the coldest months of the year by building a high tunnel vegetable garden at the Macdonald Campus Farm.

What exactly is a high tunnel? It’s a simple enclosure that provides crops with protection from damaging wind, rain and insects, and traps nurturing solar heat to help grow healthy and delicious vegetables. We can then sell our bounty of tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce and other produce at farmers’ markets on campus and to the public in neighbouring communities. 

Building a high tunnel at the Macdonald Campus Farm will yield many benefits, not only for McGill, but for the entire Montreal community. The high tunnel will serve as a tool to educate the public about sustainable agriculture, further supporting McGill’s outreach efforts with kids in the community. Moreover, it will also facilitate applied learning through course work and special projects.

You can help us practice sustainable farming and raise awareness about ecologically sound agriculture by making a gift to build the Mac Action High Tunnel!

Meet the Project Team: 
Alyssa Quiring
  • Class action student ambassador
  • U3 Agricultural and Environmental Sciences student 
  • Hoping to study architecture and environmental design after graduation
Bernice Ting
  • Out of the Garden Project, Accounts Manager
  • Food Science & Nutrition, Concurrent – U4
  • Has number-form synesthesia
Professor Caroline Begg
  • Director of Internship FMT and Ecological Agriculture Coordinator
  • Mentor to MSEG and academic supervisor of projects  
  • Enjoys gardening and teaches in Panama (PFSS)
Valerie Toupin-Dube
  • Coordinator of the Farm to school project
  • 2nd year in Agrology
  • Enjoys doing acro-yoga