Help #LawNeedsFeminismBecause host its first national forum in Montreal to encourage discussion, storytelling, and collaboration among students, lawyers and legal professionals on why law needs feminism, in order to better understand how to shape the legal profession for tomorrow.

  • The initiative started as a photo campaign in 2016 via the Feminist Collective of McGill Law and has garnered traction and publicity in Canada.
  • The national forum will act as a way to wrap up the social media campaign that has taken place over the course of the year.
  • The funds will help cover costs of the event’s key aspects, including keynote speakers, event documentation, and audiovisual support.

#LawNeedsFeminismBecause is a student-driven initiative that gathers stories through digital mediums, to create a first-hand narrative of why law needs feminism. On March 11th 2017, we plan to combine all of our digital content and bring together our contributors at a national forum where we can create tangible recommendations for changing the legal landscape. The issues we will highlight at our forum address four themes: feminist legal mentorship; student experience; alternative legal careers; and legal recruitment.

We need your support to put on this event and to promote more discussion of the importance of feminism in law. The funds will help us hire photographers and videographers to better capture the national forum as well as our activities throughout the semester, which include the launch of this year’s social media campaign with Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella. In addition, your support will allow us to recruit the forum’s keynote speakers and ensure we have the necessary audio-visual support for their presentations. Any funds remaining will go towards the making of a book for wider distribution, which will compile the stories, narratives, and portraits featured during the forum, alongside the resulting tangible recommendations.

With your help, we can ensure the forum is productive and lively, and that it continues the conversation of the importance of feminism in the field of law!

A project update:

March 11th marked the first National #LawNeedsFeminismBecause Forum! Law students and legal professionals from across the country came together in Montreal to share experiences, ideas and energy on why law needs feminism. Attendees engaged in workshops highlighting feminist legal mentorship, student experience, alternative legal careers and legal recruitment. Anne-France Goldwater, Senator Kim Pate, and Amanda Ghahremani were among some of the inspiring and forward-thinking presenters at the forum.

Thanks to your generous support, the forum was a great success! Through donations, fundraisers and ticket sales, we were nearly able to cover the costs of the forum. Please consider making a donation today to help bridge the gap.

Our hope is for this movement to continue well beyond the forum. We have two goals for #LNFB moving forward - to create a book capturing the powerful ideas and stories that have come from the #LawNeedsFeminismBecause initiative, and to make #LNFB into an independent non-profit in order to maximize our impact nationally.

With your continued support, we can reach these goals and continue uniting voices in the conversation around shaping a stronger, brighter and more diverse legal profession for tomorrow.

Meet the Project Team: 
Rachel Kohut
  • Third year law student
  • Campaign Lead
  • I really love buttons - the kind you sew on your shirts.
Karine Bédard
  • Law - 2nd year
  • Professional Lead
  • I like to brew my own beer!
Romita Sur
  • Law (2nd year)
  • Professional Lead
  • Original photo campaign participant and collects plants
Ana Lucia Lobos
  • Law (1st Year)
  • Fundraising
  • I was born in the same city as Che Guevara and Leo Messi.
Aliah El-houni
  • Law (Third Year)
  • Communication
  • I drive a beautiful pink vespa!