Jacqueline Aziz Memorial Bursary in Education

Jackie was passionate about teaching.

She dreamt of graduating from the Faculty of Education at McGill University and becoming an elementary school teacher.

At the age of 18, Jackie was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She passed away in January 2019 at the age of 23.

Jackie embodied such strength and resilience during difficult times. She taught those who had the privilege of knowing her what is truly important in life. Jackie led by example, as any great teacher does. She had a caring, generous heart, and fought with immense determination for what she believed in.

While dealing with the hardships of her illness, she remained determined to attend classes at McGill. She wanted to make a difference in children's lives. Jackie once wrote, "Effecting positive change is all I ever wanted to do." This is the legacy that we hope to establish here at McGill. We want to honour Jackie by helping others and making a positive change in people's lives.

Together, we are teaming up to establish the Jacqueline Aziz Memorial Bursary in Education. This bursary will help students in the Faculty of Education in need of financial support. If we reach our goal, this bursary will be endowed and become a permanent fixture at McGill University. This will allow Jackie’s legacy of effecting positive change to be an everlasting connection to the university she loved, and hopefully inspire the recipients to follow Jackie’s example for years to come.

We need your help to create this award in Jackie’s memory. Every dollar will get us closer to our goal, and help support students in need. Please give generously today.


Meet the Project Team: 
Amanda Doonan (Undergraduate)

I’m currently studying in my fourth year at McGill University in Kindergarten Elementary. I met Jackie in my first class at McGill. Fate brought us together that day and I’m forever grateful. Even though I only knew her for a couple of years, she impacted my life greatly. The reason I’m on this team is because I want to keep Jackies legacy going forever, and I want people to understand just how important a person she was in so many people’s lives. This is for you Jackie! We love you very much.

Meaghan Moran

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Kindergarten Elementary program. I was fortunate enough to have met Jackie at McGill, and I was amazed by her wit, intelligence, humour and compassion for others. Having been able to call Jackie a friend, is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. This bursary is a way for Jackie to continue inspiring her McGill community of teachers to accomplish their dreams.

Maria Power

My name is Maria Power and I am extremely lucky to have been one of Jackie’s best friends since childhood. Jackie’s genuine passion for teaching, coupled with her love of helping others, is why I believe this bursary is a great way to honour her and inspire future teachers. I hope to make a difference on the fundraising team as I channel Jackie’s dedication, vibrancy and her very generous nature.

Dr. Sheryl Smith-Gilman, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs, Department of Integrated Studies, Faculty of Education, McGill University

I had the distinct pleasure of having Jackie as a student in one of my education classes. From the moment I met her, I knew she had “the passion”—she yearned to take on her role as a teacher. I will always remember Jackie as an intelligent, creative, and caring young lady, and indeed a natural born teacher.