Fridge Door Gallery

the pitch
We want to continue encouraging and supporting McGill students to grow their creative practice, no matter what their field of study, as we have for the past 10 years. We need your help to keep it stable, effective, and visible.

the highlights
With your help, we can

  1. support creative and artistic talent at McGill;
  2. host an engaging and entertaining night of celebration and encouragement for student artists;
  3. create learning opportunities around art curation and management for students in the Arts

the story
The Fridge Door Gallery is McGill University’s original student-run gallery for student-made art. Started in the winter of 2007 by Art History students, we are honoured to be celebrating our 10th birthday as a space dedicated to representing McGill artists. As the name suggests, Fridge Door Gallery aims to continue the practice of decorating family refrigerators with student art by promoting McGill’s visual artists. As McGill does not have a Fine Arts program, Fridge Door Gallery creates a community for student artists and art enthusiasts to celebrate and admire talent in our community.

We have a lot on our plate: an editorial team that publishes original articles five days a week; merchandise that gives 100% of the profits to our student artists; events such as workshops, panel discussions, and our bi-annual vernissages. These activities take resources, and we do not have a stable support system to make it all happen.

That’s why we’re asking for your help to make sure we can guarantee the success of our largest events: our vernissages. These events are extremely popular for us: at each one, we have an average turnout of 350 people and show around 30 artists and 40 works. A vernissage costs roughly $1,000, which includes rent, catalogues, promotions, and refreshments. With your help, we would be able to book vernissage venues sooner (and less expensively), pursue bigger and more long-term goals, and worry less about the finances needed to bring McGill’s student art to the community.


Meet the Project Team: 
Brianne Chapelle
  • U3, Art History and Communication Studies
  • My favorite work is Frances Stark’s "Why should you not be able to assemble yourself and write?"
Catherine LaRiviere
  • U3, Art History
  • My favourite work is Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 0.
Nina Chabel
  • U2, English Literature and Art History
  • My favourite work of art is Paul Cezanne’s Still Life with Curtain.
Sophia Seward
  • U2, Art History and Economics
  • My favourite work is Kasmir Malevich’s Red Square.
Kirsten Wesselow
  • U2, Art History
  • My favourite work of art is Doris Salcedo’s A Flor de Piel