Engineers Without Borders McGill Chapter - Junior Fellowship

In any field internships and fellowships are regarded as the best experiences for hands-on learning.  McGill and its students are proud when they are able to combine such opportunities with elements of positive social change; allowing students to give back to the communities around them as they learn their trade or craft.

At Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Junior Fellowships are the first step in the leadership pipeline of an organization that supports lasting development. EWB is a social change incubator for people and ideas, working to spark systemic innovations in Canada and Africa that have the potential to radically disrupt the systems that allow poverty to persist. EWB members work together with local partners in African countries to create lasting, scalable change to unlock human potential.

The Junior Fellowship program is not your average internship. It is 18 months of experiential learning and leadership, providing Junior Fellows the opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding, and perspective in order to become agents of change. The Junior Fellow will become a short-term team member with one of EWB’s ventures in Canada or in Africa, or with one of EWB’s incubator teams in Toronto. They could be working with a District Water Office in Malawi to assist in implementing low-cost, high-impact water point operations and maintenance systems, or with the Pivot Fellowship in Toronto coordinating learning exchanges for social entrepreneurs across Canada. Their work will be tied to a larger strategy, and their experiences and input will influence its future direction. While delivering on their role as a venture or incubator team member, Junior Fellows will have significant opportunity for professional and personal growth.

By supporting this project you are giving a deserving McGill student the opportunity to participate in the potentially life-changing experience of being an EWB junior fellow. Your contributions will enable the student to not only further their own education and future, but also to gain exposure to the systems, cultures, and realities faced by people the world over.

“Working in Malawi as a Junior Fellow after my first year in university turned my world upside down. My naive idea of what development meant changed to something more complex, more difficult, more confusing. … I can't think of any experience that has had a bigger impact on my life's direction in the past decade.” - Emily Stewart, 2008 Junior Fellow in Malawi

What are the top 3 goals of your project?

1)   Creating systemic change in the Canadian and African regions
2)   Providing students with experiences they can bring back to their local context and McGill chapter
3)   Allow students to partake in activities that enable personal and professional growth

Meet the Project Team: 
Annie Pike
  • Mechanical Engineering (Minor Environmental Engineering)
  • EWB McGill Chapter President
  • I am an avid Scrabble player
Mariam Naguib
  • Cognitive Science and International Development
  • Return Junior Fellow, Co-VP Member Learning
  • Back from Malawi, I can now perform the national anthem in the national language of Chichewa!
Julia Wai
  • Undergraduate studies in civil engineering, with a minor in environmental engineering
  • EWB McGill Chapter VP Strategy
  • I want to expand my knowledge of all things impractical and obscure to become a better pub quiz player.
Chloé Grison
  • Civil Engineering (Minor in Environmental Engineering)
  • EWB McGill VP Fundraising
  • Avid photographer and professional (fair trade!) chocoholic.
Julia-Anna Reyes
  • Incoming Junior Fellow
  • Undergraduate in Civil Engineering
  • I like orange. The colour and the fruit