Dentistry Outreach Benefit Concert

the pitch
To provide access to dental care for the underserved population

the highlights

  • Raise funds for McGill Dentistry’s Community Services.
  • Establish a new McGill Dentistry annual event.
  • Spread public awareness about unmet dental needs present within our community, as well as McGill Dentistry’s many programs in this domain.

the story
For nearly 20 years, McGill Dentistry Services to the Community Program has been committed to providing free dental care to patients in need. The Program is staffed by McGill Dentistry students and offers services at the main Undergraduate Teaching Clinic, the Jim Lund Dental Clinic, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and the Mobile Clinic, which travels through the greater Montreal area to provide free dental care. Not only do patients get much-needed treatment; Dentistry students also get first-hand experience in a clinical setting.

Just last year, this Program had an incredible impact in the Montreal community:

Mobile Dental Clinic treated 318 patients, providing $247,827 worth of free dental care.
Undergraduate Teaching Clinic treated 3,481 patients, providing $2,198,307 worth of reduced cost dental care.
Jim Lund Clinic treated 786 patients, providing $382, 774 worth of free dental care.
Pediatric Clinics treated 299 patients, providing $ 87,750 worth of free dental care.
Summer Clinic treated 1,607 patients, providing $540,124 worth of free dental care.

The Services to the Community Program is a proud tradition at the Faculty of Dentistry, and with your help, we can keep it that way. We’re asking for your support in enabling the continued success of the Program so our students can treat even more patients in the future.

We are hosting our very first edition of the Outreach Benefit Concert on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, to raise funds for the McGill Dentistry Services to the Community Program, and to heighten awareness about the unmet dental needs of our community. Enjoy an evening of classical and contemporary music provided by our own McGill Dentistry students, knowing your support makes a difference in the lives of so many people in Montreal and beyond.

Tickets for the concert are on sale at (link to the Eventbrite page to be determined). All proceeds will go to the McGill Dentistry Services to the Community Program. Any additional donation will be greatly appreciated, and gifts at all levels help cover the costs of the patients we treat.

We are grateful to all of our donors for their loyalty throughout the past two decades. With this benefit concert, we hope to set the stage for another two decades of community dental care!


Meet the Project Team: 
Danny Kim
  • Third Year Dental Student
  • Co-organizer
  • Fun fact: I trekked over 700km on foot through Korea.
Jason Wu
  • Fourth Year Dental Student
  • Co-organizer
  • Fun fact: I build miniature robots in my spare time.