Dentistry Aerosol Management System

The Pitch

Help McGill Dentistry students and Engineering students raise the funds needed to build aerosol management systems (AMS) for dentists to treat patients safely.

The Highlights

With your help, we can:

  • purchase materials, such as 3D printing filament, PC boards, high-efficient vacuum systems and sealing materials to build more aerosol management systems (AMS)
  • rent a particle counter and airflow meter to validate the AMS
  • deliver and install these systems to major charity dental clinics in Montreal

The Story

COVID-19 has infected millions of people around the world and caused a high rate of death among the aged population. It is mainly transmitted by inhaling or touching virus-contaminated droplets, also known as aerosol. These droplets put patients in dental clinics at great risk of infection and instill fear of visiting a dental clinic, even for necessary treatment.

Our aerosol management system (AMS) is designed to lower or prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus during dental aerosol-generating procedures. We have successfully built an AMS in our mechanical engineering lab that passes the high-speed aerosol test, using the following criteria as guidelines:

  • Controls aerosol dispersion in the dental office
  • Is manufactured using easily accessible materials and equipment
  • Can be distributed to dental practices and easily assembled.
  • Can be disinfected using available disinfection products suitable for COVID 19 virus
  • Fits within the dental surgery and the dental chair
  • Provides adequate visibility for the dentist
  • Allows dentists a reasonable range of movement and access to any quadrant requiring treatment
  • Allows the exchange of equipment between the dentist and the dental hygienist

We need your help to optimize and validate this important safety system, and eventually, bring it to more dentists and patients. The funds raised will be used to optimize our current AMS, rent better equipment (including air particle counter, flow meter, air purifier) to validate the AMS efficiency, and donate our AMS to local charity dental clinics.

Meet the Project Team: 
Zixin He
  • B.Eng. Student (Mechanical)
  • I have worked at the Biomechanics Lab for longer than most graduating master’s students.
  • I too started to learn breadmaking when the lockdown started.
Anna Henley
  • B.Eng. (Mechanical), M.Eng. Candidate (Biomedical)
  • I co-founded and ran McGill’s engineering student 3D printing service for three years
Qiman Gao
  • B.D.S. MSc(OMFS), PhD. Candidate in Craniofacial Health Science
  • I have volunteer experience for more than 800 hours
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