Dental Outreach Program

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

Our campaign may be closed, but if you still would like to contribute, you may make a gift over the phone by calling 514-398-5000 or you can mail a cheque, payable to "McGill University," and in the memo write: ‘Dental Outreach Program’ to this address:

Donation and Record Services
McGill University
1555 Peel Street, 9th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H3A 3L8

Thanks again!


Help raise the funds needed to increase the number of patients treated by McGill’s Dental Outreach Program.

  • Deliver no-cost dental care to underserved people in Montreal
  • Foster awareness of the McGill Dental Outreach Program within the Montreal community
  • Provide dentistry students with hands-on experience in diverse clinic settings

Imagine that you have a terrible toothache and need to see a dentist, but you can’t because of financial hardship, lack of insurance, physical and/or psychological disabilities or any other of a host of reasons. For people in these circumstances, seeking dental care can be difficult, intimidating or just impossible. And, when dental health is neglected or left untreated, it often leads to serious problems.

That’s where the Dental Outreach Program comes in by providing free dental care to patients in need. The outreach program is staffed by McGill dentistry students, offering its services at the main Undergraduate Teaching Clinic directly in the Faculty of Dentistry, the Jim Lund Dental Clinic, and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Furthermore, through the services offered by the Mobile Clinic, they also travel from community to community providing free dental care to individuals within the greater Montreal region. Not only do patients get much-needed treatment, but dentistry students get first-hand experience in a clinical setting before they graduate.

The Outreach Program has been providing free dental care to patients in need throughout Montreal for 16 years. It’s a proud tradition at the Faculty of Dentistry and we’d like to make sure that it stays that way – with your help.  We’d like to extract a contribution from you so that the Dental Outreach Program can continue its work and treat even more patients in the future.

Here is a list of some of the dental procedures performed at no cost within our Outreach clinics. Donations at these levels help cover the costs for patients enrolled in McGill's Dental Outreach Program:

Description of Procedure Fee
X-Ray $14
Panoramic Radiograph $37
Filling (Amalgam (silver filling), two surfaces) $55
Extraction $60
Filling (Composite (tooth-coloured filling), two surfaces) $84
Check-up and Cleaning $101
Front tooth root canal $226
Denture $363
Back tooth root canal $415


Help McGill’s dentistry students help more patients!

Meet the Project Team: 
Kate Zhang
  • B.Sc. in Physiology; B.Sc. in Kinesiology.
  • I have been volunteering at Outreach clinics for over 4 years.
  • I recently joined a community Dragon Boat team and I love it!
Katerina Kostopoulos
  • Recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree (Major in Political Science, Double Minor in Philosophy and Neo-Hellenic Studies). I am beginning law school at University of Montreal in the fall.
  • Have helped organize a fundraiser benefitting McGill’s Dental Outreach Program. I am a firm believer in the cause; nobody should abstain from receiving dental care because of their socioeconomic status.
  • I have 17 FIRST cousins.
Ryan Siciliano
  • Current DMD candidate with a B.Sc. & B.A. from McGill.
  • Long-time volunteer and now coordinator of the Outreach Run and Outreach Gala.
  • I still listen to vinyl records.
Stamatis Kouniaris
  • I recently completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology.
  • Volunteered and organized two fundraisers for Outreach, raising a total of $4400.
  • I have flown an airplane…twice!