Dental International Outreach

Help McGill dental students provide free dental services to communities in need in Central and South America.

  • Provide McGill dental students an opportunity to participate in a supervised externship program with a humanitarian objective
  • Create hands-on learning experiences for students with a focus on providing mobile dentistry in rural areas
  • Offer free dental care for impoverished people in lower-income countries

Gandhi said it best: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Channeling that principle, every year a group of students and teachers from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry travels to Central or South America in order to provide free dental care to rural populations in need.

Through this outreach program, McGill dental students gain insight into the lives of those who cannot afford oral health care, fortifying their passion for volunteerism. They also gain experience managing their patients’ cases and improving their technical skills under the close supervision of McGill Dentistry faculty instructors.  As future dental professionals, they will be able to reflect on this fieldwork and apply lessons learned about serving the public to their daily practice.

In past missions, the teams have been able to provide treatment for over 700 individuals throughout the two-week period, with over 1,000 treatments rendered. Without a doubt, this outreach program is essential both for the dental students and the communities they serve.

With your help, we can purchase the dental supplies and equipment needed to set up the mobile dental clinic, and enhance this essential program.

Meet the Project Team: 
Martine Anderson
  • Dentistry Class of 2018
  • Student dentist on the mission.
  • Inspired to become a dentist after shadowing local dentist who showed me pictures of her humanitarian mission abroad.
Ryan Siciliano
  • Dentistry Class of 2018
  • Student dentist on the mission
  • I love to code in my spare time
Marie-Alice Pellerin
  • Dentistry Class of 2018
  • Student dentist on the mission
  • Baking and running are my favorite things
Adham Fares
  • Dentistry Class of 2018
  • Student Dentist on the mission
  • Recently started learning photography!