Crime and Medicine: Health Care Providers at the Intersection of Human Trafficking

The Pitch

Help McGill Medicine train health care workers to identify, assist and advocate for victims of human trafficking.

The Highlights

Your gift will help us:

  • Raise awareness of human trafficking within the medical community.
  • Train health care providers to identify the signs, symptoms and red flags that indicate human trafficking.
  • Create partnerships between health care professionals and law enforcement to further education.

The Story

Human trafficking is a clandestine crime, operating in secrecy and with little documentation on its true prevalence. The United Nations estimates that human trafficking is the third largest source of income for organized crime, after arms and drugs. Because a high percentage of victims receive health care while in captivity, health care providers can play a crucial role in helping to identify, assist and advocate for victims of human trafficking. Our goal is to increase formal training and education on this topic for health care providers.

Funds will go towards:

  • Creating a toolkit of materials, resources and role-playing exercises to teach current and emerging health care professionals at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and within our academic health networks to identify, assist and advocate for victims of human trafficking.
  • Creating a speaker series in partnership with community organizations and law enforcement agencies that will raise awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking and ways medical professionals can support victims.
Meet the Project Team: 
Guido Guberman

Guido is a student in the MD.CM. & PhD program at McGill University.

He is the co-founder and co-president of the Canadian Alliance of Medical Students Against Human Trafficking (CAMSAHT), an organization with the objective of combatting human trafficking through education, research and advocacy.

Niki Soilis

Niki is the Education Manager at the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning.

She enjoys the creative process of designing learning activities and deploying impactful programs that are thoughtful and meaningful to the learner.

A passionate agent of change, Niki believes that we shape the world as we get inspired and our passions are fueled… sometimes with the help of really great coffee!

Diane Weidner

Diane is the Communications and Events Officer at the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning where she has the opportunity to use her skills in public relations and graphic design to draw attention to all the great initiatives taking place at McGill.

She enjoys bringing people together and using the power of visual communications and language to deepen and enrich our understanding, compassion and awareness of our human frailties, strengths and potential.

Mayumi Yoshida

As a Senior Administrative Coordinator at the McGill Faculty of Medicine, Mayumi always brings a high degree of professionalism to any work that she is involved in.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Concordia University and Business from the John Molson School of Business, as well as a background in marketing, theatre and design.

Mayumi has a strong interest in issues surrounding social justice and is a past intern at the Social Justice Connection in Montreal, where she focused on education and research on human rights.