Chem-E Car Project

Regional champions from around the world compete at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chem-E Car Competition. Help McGill students build a car powered and stopped by chemical reactions for the upcoming North American Regional Competition.

  • Design and build a car safely powered by a sustainable energy source and stopped by a chemical reaction.

  • Foster innovative, lateral thinking and teamwork while offering students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience

  • Represent McGill at the AIChE Chem-E-Car Regional Competition in March as we strive to win 1st place at the Nationals Competition, just as we did in 2015!

McGill Chem-E Car is a student-driven design team where members acquire and refine their engineering skills to design a novel, resilient and optimized car every year. We promote creativity and teamwork as key components to our success. As the only design team in the Chemical Engineering discipline in all of Montreal, our team helps students apply in-class knowledge to real-world problems in a setting that emulates an industrial workspace.

This year’s car will compete at the Chem-E Car Competition, hosted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), where students from universities worldwide compete to design and construct cars entirely powered and stopped by chemical reactions. In 2015, only two years after our inception, we had the privilege of competing against 31 teams from around the world and placed 1st, making us World Champions!

One of the main focuses of the AIChE Chem-E Car Competition is to promote awareness of the Chemical Engineering discipline, which is often underrepresented. This year, we are turning to you for help in continuing our success. Your contributions will enable us to purchase the parts necessary for the construction of our car as well as help cover our transportation costs for the upcoming Regional Competition in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

With your generosity, we can push the boundaries of innovation and pursue excellence in the spirit of McGill!

Meet the Project Team: 
Daniel Pacheco
  • U3 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Stopping Mechanism Subteam Leader
  • I like making up equations for irrelevant things like paper helicopters.
Jonathan Johnson
  • U3 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Power Source Subteam Leader
  • I enjoy eating mangos, binge watching TV shows and...studying (hi mom!).
Karen Nadur
  • U3 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Team Strategist
  • Everything in my life can be a mess except for my music collection
Abdullah Abdul Ghani
  • U4 Mechanical Engineering Student
  • Mechanical Subteam Leader
  • I share the same birthday with my youngest brother, we're exactly 15 years apart!
Yussuf Ahmedy
  • U4 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Management Head and Co-Captain
  • I'm not good at coming up with original fun facts.
Zijie Jin
  • U2 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Electrical and Software Subteam Leader
  • Focus sash suits me so well.
Hussein Zaki
  • U4 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Project Head and Co-Captain
  • I used to have a fear of heights, but then I became tall and it disappeared.
Makram Ashkar
  • U3 Chemical Engineering Student
  • Media Leader
  • I can move my ears really fast without touching them.