Bursaries for Refugees

Help us fund bursaries for refugees that will in turn enable newcomers to transition into the Quebec/Canadian workplace, and help them rebuild their lives.

  • Bursaries will allow hardworking and deserving refugees to pursue their studies, improve their knowledge and skills, and transform their careers and lives
  • Financial support is essential for this vulnerable demographic, and previous degrees and work experience are not always recognized
  • Assisting newcomers to Canada enables them to become integrated and productive members of society

Imagine moving to another country as an adult refugee and having few resources to help you get started integrating and working into a new and unknown landscape. Sounds tough, right? This is a scene that resonates with many of the adult learners at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS). SCS is committed to enhancing its services and support for its clientele and improve the career outcomes of its adult learners.

With your support, our bursaries help guarantee qualified learners are not turned away due to financial constraints. Since pursuing higher education must be balanced with many other commitments, bursaries are often the key that makes pursing educational opportunities a realistic option.

Each course at SCS costs approximately $300. With your help we can offer multiple bursaries ranging from $300-$1,000 each, in order to help a maximum number of refugees transform their lives in their new home.

Meet the Project Team: 
Kinda Jabbour
  • Graduated from medical school, Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria
  • Specialist in clinical pathology and assistant prof at faculty of pharmacology 2000-2013
  • Chairman of the board of syrian's NGO for women's cancer
  • Likes swimming, tennis, nature.
Nabil Beitinjaneh
  • Graduated from McGill in Electrical Engineering; followed by an Executive MBA from JMSB.
  • On the advisory board of McGill's School of Continuing Studies since February 2015.
  • Involved with le centre culturel syrien. Hence my interest in helping refugees.
  • I love origami. Particularly when it comes to Letter and Envelope folding. Ask me about it!
Rex Brynen
  • I’m a Professor in the Department of Political Science, specializing in Middle East politics.
  • I’m coeditor of three books dealing with refugees: The Palestinian Refugee Problem: The Search for Resolution ; Compensation to Palestinian Refugees and the Search for Palestinian-Israeli Peace ; Palestinian Refugees: Challenges of Repatriation and Development 
Iqbal (b3) Hussain
  • Completed my Undergrad and Masters education in Business and Finance, and studied Accounting in McGill's Cont.Ed
  • Worked with Rohingya refugees, as well as the displaced Jumma people in Bangladesh
  • Despite my professional career in Finance, my personal interest has always been with advancing social welfare and technology. So, I started up a software company here in Montreal.