Brains Need LDVA

“Brains Need LDVA” is our motto here at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy (LDVA). as we have proudly supported The Neuro. Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital for over 5 years. The Neuro is a place that continues to touch many individuals both directly and indirectly in the LDVA community.

This year, we are combining our traditional end of year fun day with a fundraiser for The Neuro. Donating to this cause means you will be investing in brain tumor research and providing patients with hope.

This was the case for one of our beloved teachers, M. Daniel Gaudette, who has been a leader in our various fundraisers for The Neuro. In December 2020, he received an unexpected diagnosis that would change his life forever. Thanks to access to the latest advancements in research and technology, and the knowledgeable specialists at The Neuro, he got through this diagnosis as the survivor and winner he truly is!

The Neuro saved M. Gaudette’s life. More motivated than ever, he has a second chance to teach and inspire our students. What better way to show our students the importance of supporting great causes, as well as the importance of taking care of our brains – the operating system of our body that permits us all to be the amazing individuals we are – than through the support for this amazing institution!

Your generous donation will help The Neuro continue to provide patients and families the help and support they need.

On behalf of our school, thank you.

The LDVA 2021 Neuro Committee