Ariapalooza Showcase 2020

the pitch

Opera McGill’s Ariapalooza Showcase will help bridge the gap between the academic and professional sectors by giving graduating Opera McGill students a chance to perform for, and network with performing arts professionals.

the highlights

With your help, we can:

  • Give our outgoing students an opportunity to perform for and connect with top performing arts professionals
  • Create a new, interactive outlet for graduating students to introduce themselves to the professional performing arts community.
  • Establish a project that can be replicated next year and potentially become an annual Opera McGill event
  • Cover production expenses

the story

Ariapalooza aims to help Opera McGill's graduating students form connections that will lead them to professional engagements in the performing arts world. In the opera industry today, the majority of connections come through apprenticeship programs run by opera companies. However, in the musical theatre industry, university programs routinely put on showcases for their graduating class, giving their students a chance to perform for significant performing arts professionals. These showcases have a proven track record of successfully guiding students to professional engagements.

Using this as a model, we will host showcases in Montreal and Toronto featuring Opera McGill's 20 graduating students, where will invite performing arts professionals so our students can perform for all of them in one sitting. The performance will highlight each students’ individual talents in a mix of solo and ensemble numbers, all intertwined to form a fluid presentation. After both showcases, there will be a reception with light refreshments to encourage mingling between the professionals in attendance and the graduating students. The experience will be immersive and interactive, aesthetically designed to make the reception feel like an extension of the performance.

We believe that students’ financial needs shouldn’t stand in the way of their success in this industry. Due to the financial challenges of the performing arts world, your support of young artists is crucial to their success, and contributions will make this event possible!

Your support of Ariapalooza will cover travel costs to the Toronto showcase for our graduating students. Contributions will also help to fund the receptions, sets, and costumes for both showcases. Thank you for supporting the futures of our graduating students!


La Vitrine Ariapalooza d’Opéra McGill aider à faire le pont entre les milieux académique et professionnel en offrant aux finissants d’Opéra McGill la chance de présenter une performance à des professionnels des arts de la scène et de réseauter.

Les faits saillants

Avec votre aide, nous pouvons:

  • Offrir à nos finissants l’opportunité de chanter devant des professionnels des arts de la scène de renom et de créer des connexions avec eux
  • Créer un débouché nouveau et interactif qui permettra aux finissants de se présenter à la communauté professionnelle des arts de la scène
  • Instaurer un projet qui pourra être reproduit dans un an et devenir potentiellement un événement annuel d’Opéra McGill
  • Financer les coûts de location de salle

L’histoire derrière le projet

Ariapalooza espère aider les finissants d’Opéra McGill à se créer des connexions qui les mèneront vers des engagements professionnels dans le monde des arts de la scène. Dans l’industrie de l’opéra d’aujourd’hui, la majorité des connexions se font par des programmes d’apprentis offerts par des maisons d’opéra. Cependant, dans le milieu de la comédie musicale, les programmes d’université présentent couramment des vitrines pour leur classe de finissants, ce qui permet à leurs étudiants d’avoir la chance de chanter devant d’importants professionnels des arts de la scène. Ces vitrines sont reconnues comme ayant mené des étudiants vers des engagements professionnels.

En se servant de ceci comme modèle, nous présenterons des vitrines à Montréal et à Toronto mettant en valeur 20 finissants d’Opéra McGill où seront invités des professionnels des arts de la scène pour que nos étudiants puissent chanter pour eux tous au sein d’un même événement. Le spectacle mettra en valeur les talents individuels de chaque étudiant en unissant solos et numéros de groupe, le tout entrelacé de façon à créer une présentation fluide. Après les deux vitrines, il y aura une réception avec des rafraîchissements pour encourager les professionnels sur place ainsi que les finissants à se mêler et converser. L’expérience sera immersive et interactive, ainsi que conçu esthétiquement pour donner l’impression que la réception est en continuité du spectacle.

Nous croyons que la situation financière des étudiants ne devrait pas jouer un facteur déterminant quant à leur chemin vers le succès dans le métier. En raison des difficultés pécuniaires relatives au monde des arts de la scène, votre support aux jeunes artistes est essentiel à leurs réussite, et vos dons rendrons cet événement possible.

Votre aide envers Ariapalooza couvrira les frais de déplacement pour l’événement à Toronto de nos finissants. Les contributions serviront aussi à financer les réceptions, décors et costumes des deux événements. Merci de votre support au future de nos finissants!

Meet the Project Team: 
Elliot Harder
  • M.Mus Opera and Voice Performance, 2nd Year
  • Showcase Program & Website design
  • I have a twin sister who also studied classical voice
Yanik Gosselin
  • MMus in Voice and Opera, 2nd year
  • For this project, I have been assisting with various administrative tasks as well as with the fundraising. As we near the event, I will be collaborating as student and supply management. I am also acting as a liaison between the project committee and the McGill Music Graduate Student's Society.
  • In 2019, Yanik helped launch and co-hosted the Prescott-Russell's Arts Council podcast Art to Heart.
Hayley Meth
  • Graduate Diploma in performance
  • I am heading the visual and aesthetic aspects of the showcase, this includes the set design of the space, how the audience feels within the space to make it more of an experience than just a concert, and what the overall look of the performance is (e.g. costumes)
  • I just got my cosmetology certification and will soon start taking classes in special effects makeup!
Charlotte Siegel
  • Graduate Diploma in Opera and Voice
  • I’m helping with the logistics for this project ( transportation, scheduling, etc), and I’m also a performer
  • I write music in my spare time
Jeremy Scinocca
  • Masters of Voice and Opera, 1st year
  • Will be helping create a concert program to guide performing arts professionals attending the event
  • Outside of music Jeremy coaches Special Olympics softball.
Callum Alden
  • Bachelor’s of Music in Voice Performance, 4th year,
  • I’m in charge of fundraising for this project. I’ll be the one making sure that we have available funds for the travel & venue expenses associated with this project
  • I’ve been fundraising for McGill for three years, and this is my first music-specific project
Jaclyn Grossman
  • Graduate Diploma in Opera and Voice
  • Project manager: oversees the Showcase team, logistics, student management, material creation, funding, social media, and the performance itself.
  • I am the Founder and President of the Board for the organization, The Phoenix Leadership Project (PLP). PLP is a registered charity dedicated to creating dynamic, well-rounded leaders through personal growth and professional development. Through workshops and conferences, we explore topics in leadership such as communication, public speaking, effective facilitation, conflict resolution, mental health, self care, and global advocacy.