Friends of the McGill Library iCentre

The Pitch
As the University approaches its 200th anniversary in 2021, the McGill Library has developed a bold vision – the Fiat Lux Library project – to transform the McLennan-Redpath Complex into a vibrant hub for teaching, learning and research in the digital age. Join the Friends of the McGill Library in raising awareness and funds for an information centre that will ensure a user-friendly first point of contact

The Highlights
With your help, we can:

  • Efficiently and effectively welcome over 12,000 people daily with a well-designed, high-traffic information space that can deliver services accommodating different needs.
  • Build a welcoming home-away-from-home and study space for current and future students.
  • Offer expert, quick service in a central space that will help busy students and faculty get the information they need in a timely manner.
  • Connect McGill with the wider community by creating a warm, friendly and accessible first point of contact.

The Story
The McGill Library is at the dawn of a major transformation. When architect Percy Nobbs added an extension to the original library building in the 1920s, emblazoned above the new library entrance were the words, “FIAT LUX” – Latin for, “Let there be light”. The Fiat Lux Library project is a bold, new vision of teaching, learning and research in the digital age that will be a crucial component of the University in its third century. This ambitious project will revitalize programming at the McLennan-Redpath Complex, doubling the spaces available for students and faculty so that they may study and share knowledge in groundbreaking ways.

The Friends of the McGill Library – a small group of Montrealers who began meeting in 1989 to support the Library’s mission – was an early promoter of the Fiat Lux project. Comprised of graduates and community members alike, the group cherishes the role of the Library and its importance to research and learning and to the University as a whole. The Friends of the McGill Library continues to be an enthusiastic partner in making this re-imagined library of the future a reality for the entire McGill community.

Please join the Friends in raising funds for the Library’s iCentre, a help/information zone that will serve the new library complex. Central, spacious and welcoming, it will be the go-to destination for the McGill community and the public at large when seeking information. Whether to check out a book, arrange a research or digital search consultation or get oriented when exploring around the new complex, users will receive the help they need quickly and efficiently at the iCentre.

We hope you will support the iCentre initiative of the Fiat Lux Library project. As an added incentive, all the funds raised through this campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Friends of the McGill Library!

Meet the Project Team: 
Ann Longhurst Vroom
  • BA’67, Cheerleaders; Blood Drive; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Intramural Sports.
  • Currently Chair of the Friends of the McGill Library.
  • Favourite study spot: The “bridge” between McLennan & Redpath Library Buildings was THE place to meet my friends. It was a much needed home-away-from-home space to hang out between classes.
Donald Walcot
  • BA’63, Choral Society; Blood Drive; McGill Union.
  • Currently Friends of the McGill Library Committee Member.
  • Favourite study spot: Sitting on a comfy chair on the ground floor of Redpath Library – I remember looking out over the lower campus, supposedly reading one of the required novels but really dozing/recovering from previous days and nights activities!
Marie Lemieux
  • BA’ 19, Honours Political Science (major), Religion and Globalization (minor)
  • Favorite study spot: My carrel on the fifth floor of the McLennan Library
Rachel Vincent-Clarke
  • BA’ 19 double majors in Art History & Political Science; minor in Psychology
  • Favourite study spot: When looking for a brief escape from the inevitable stress of academia during my undergraduate degree, I often stopped by the McGill Visual Art Collection’s Visible Storage Gallery (4th floor, McLennan).
  • My favourite piece in the gallery is a painting entitled Woman Before a Window (1960) by Group of Seven member Edwin Holgate.