The inspiration

The idea for Seeds of Change was planted a few years ago, when – on a trek across campus – we saw a group of students raising money for a trip to Guatemala by playing a game of Twister. In that moment, we realized that the passion, drive and ingenuity of McGill students should be celebrated. With our fundraising experience as part of the Annual Giving team, we wanted to help students to get the exposure they need to maintain and expand their worthwhile projects.

The concept

We know that the McGill community is a network of individuals who have a deep-seated desire to contribute to the greater good, but whose work is not always in the spotlight. We want to create a virtual space to connect these people with our philanthropic community, in order to create relationships that promote communication, generosity, and growth. We believe that all it takes is for one person to plant a seed, and that idea can grow to inspire entire communities to unite and usher in groundbreaking transformations.

The endgame

  • Be a tool for students to use to improve their fundraising efforts.
  • As people see the impact that smaller or lesser-known projects have on McGill and the community, we hope to inspire others to bring their ideas forward.
  • With access to a dynamic online platform, our students and graduates are able to support projects that affect significant change on a local and global scale.

Seeds of Change empowers McGill's worldwide network of alumni and friends to support student-driven projects that are in line with their values and interests.