Dean of the Faculty of Education

In accordance with the University Statutes, an Advisory Committee to the President and Vice-Chancellor has been struck for the selection of the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

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The composition of the Advisory Committee is based on the requirements of the Statutes, which provide for a 14-person committee including:

Chair of the Advisory Committee

Professor Angela Campbell, Associate Provost (Equity & Academic Policies)

Members appointed by the

Board of Governors

Mr. Peter Balyta
Ms. Sonia Mata
Members appointed by Senate

Professor Diane Dechief
Professor Craig Mandato
Professor Ryan Mailloux
Professor Ian Gold

Members elected by the Faculty

Professor Nancy Heath
Professor Marta Kobiela
Professor Caroline Temcheff
Professor William Harvey

Members appointed by the

Student Associations

Kelly Eden, SSMU

Secretary to the Committee Ms. Edyta Rogowska, Secretary-General



The Advisory Committee is responsible for defining the role and set of competencies for the position of Dean of the Faculty of Education, consistent with future leadership needs and the evolving environment of higher education, within Quebec, Canada, and internationally. The role and competencies will be captured in the position profile for the role, which will be established by the Committee following a series of consultation sessions with the community.

The Advisory Committee is mandated to identify and consider qualified individuals for the position of Dean of the Faculty of Education. At the end of its deliberations, the Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Chair, who will transmit it to the President for consideration. The President is responsible for bringing the candidate recommendation to the Board for approval.


Once the Advisory Committee is formed, its process involves several stages, generally focusing on the following steps:

  1. Committee orientation, consultations with the McGill community and development of a position profile for the role
  2. Identifying and cultivating prospective candidates
  3. Reviewing and assessing prospective candidates
  4. Evaluating candidates against the criteria established in the position profile and selecting those for interview by the Committee
  5. Interviews, Committee deliberations and reference checking
  6. Formulating recommendations of top candidates for consideration by the President and submission of the recommendation to the Board of Governors
  7. Appointment of candidate to the role by the Board of Governors

Recruitment and Application Process:

McGill is partnering with the executive search firm KBRS on this search process. Any nominations or expressions or interests for this opportunity may be communicated to Ms. Katherine Frank at kfrank [at] or to Ms. Lauren Wright at lwright [at]

Members of the McGill community with questions relating to the selection process may contact Ms. Edyta Rogowska, Secretary-General by email at advisories [at]



PDF icon 2023 FINAL Advertisement for a new Dean of the Faculty of Education.

PDF icon 2023 Advertisement for a new Dean of the Faculty of Education FRN

Position Profile:

PDF icon 2023 FINAL Position Profile for a new Dean of the Faculty of Education.

PDF icon 2023 FINAL Position Profile for a new Dean of the Faculty of Education (FRN).

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