Robert Van de Vorst

Robert Van de Vorst
Dr. Vincent Gracco (Supervisor)
Contact Information
Email address: 
robert.vorst [at]

Bachelor/Master of Arts (Musicology),
Bachelor/Master of Music (Conservatory)

Current research: 

My research interests cover the interdisciplinary relationship between music and language. Given my background as a musician/music teacher, my focus is on learning novel sensorimotor patterns and behavior as well as the potential rehabilitation effects of music on clinical disorders. Currently, I apply theoretical and practical knowledge of these areas to study the underlying behavioral and neurological signatures of developmental stuttering, which in the (near) future may lead to the investigation of novel treatments for this disorder.

Selected publications: 
Awards, honours, and fellowships: 

CRBLM award (2017), Graduate Mobility Award, GPS McGill University (2017), Graduate Excellence Fellowship, McGill, University (2014-2017), Research Stipend, McGill University (2014-2017), Young Talent Classic Award, Accelerando Foundation (2004)

PhD Student
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