Patrick Coburn

Academic title(s): 

PhD Student

Patrick Coburn
Dr. Nicole Yee-Key Li-Jessen (Supervisor)
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patrick.coburn [at]

MEng in Biomedical Materials Science - University of Manchester (U.K.)

Current research: 

How does the response of the body influences the success of biomaterial implants (specifically hydrogels)? Macrophage cells (a type of immune cell) are being used to investigate in vitro how novel biomaterials react when they come in to contact with immune cells of the body. These macrophages have been used in monocultures (macrophages only) and co-culturesimmunological (with other cell types) to investigate the biological and biochemical effects that are induced by the biomaterial on the cells.

Awards, honours, and fellowships: 

Max Stern Recruitment Award, SCSD Travel Award

PhD Student
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