Meghan Clayards, Ph.D.

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics
Regular Member, CRBLM




Contact Information
Email address: 
meghan.clayards [at]

BSc Linguistics, University of Victoria
MA Cognitive Science, University of Rochester
PhD Cognitive Science, University of Rochester

Research areas: 
Bilingual learners and speakers
Healthy adults
Typically-developing infants and children
Current research: 

Dr. Clayards' research interests are in speech perception, online auditory word recognition, acoustic phonetics and learning. She uses acoustic analysis of speech to look at patterns of variability in acoustic-phonetic cues and perception and training studies to see how that variability affects speech processing. Eye-tracking and the visual world paradigm are used to investigate how acoustic phonetic cues are integrated in real time during on-line word recognition. Current projects are also investigating the effects of variability on word learning in toddlers and adult second language learners.

Selected publications: 
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