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Luc Mongeau

Academic title(s): 

Part-Time Associate Member

Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill
Canada Research Chair, Tier 1, Voice Biomechanics and Mechanobiology

Luc Mongeau
Contact Information
Email address: 
luc.mongeau [at]
514-398-7365 [Fax]
Current research: 

Primary Research Theme: Biomechanics

Secondary Research Theme: Aeroacoustics

Investigation of the fundamental aerodynamic mechanisms of voice production using dynamic physical models and numerical simulations (i.e., computational fluid dynamics).  Multi-scale constitutive models of the mechanical properties of the vocal fold lamina propria, and surrounding tissues.  Hydration and porosity of soft tissues.

Tissue Engineering
Tissue engineering of the human vocal folds.  Phonomimetic bioreactor for the study of lamina propria reconstruction in a replica of the human larynx.  Investigations of hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering of soft tissues.  Mechanical properties of hydrogels, collagen fibers and chitosan gels.  Cell motility. Composite scaffold materials.


Computational Aeroacoustics, Lattice Boltzman Method, LES, Explicit filtering methods.

Selected publications: 
Part time - Adjunct - Associate Faculty
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