Laura Gonnerman, Ph.D.

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Laura Gonnerman, Ph.D.
Contact Information
Email address: 
laura.gonnerman [at]

BA German, Boston University
MA French, Middlebury College
MA German, Middlebury College
MA Linguistics University of Southern California
PhD Linguistics, University of Southern California

Research areas: 
Bilingual learners and speakers
Healthy adults
Typically-developing infants and children
Current research: 

My two main areas of interest are: 1) the structure of the lexical semantic system; and 2) the representation and processing of morphologically complex words in English and other languages. To explore these areas, I use a combination of research in normal adult processing, language loss in Alzheimer's disease and other disorders, connectionist modeling, and imaging.

Selected publications: 
Core and Clinical Faculty
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