Karsten Steinhauer, Ph.D.

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Karsten Steinhauer, Ph.D.
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karsten.steinhauer [at] mcgill.ca

MSc & PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) Neurobiology/Cognitive Neuroscience, Free University of Berlin and Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Leipzig (Germany)

Research areas: 
Adolescents / young adult
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Research interests lie primarily in the areas of psycholinguistics and cognitive neuroscience. Current projects focus on the neural organization and temporal online dynamics of processes underlying language perception, particularly using event-related brain potentials (ERPs) and other brain imaging techniques. This includes interactions among syntactic, semantic, morphological and (overt or covert) prosodic information in listeners and readers, as well as links between speech and music processing. In addition, Dr. Steinhauer's work addresses issues of bilingualism and second language acquisition in adults, investigating both natural languages and a highly controlled artificial language. A more recent research program investigates the brain mechanisms underlying formal as compared to conceptual semantics, combining ERP and fMRI techniques.

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