Meghan Clayards

Assistant Professor

meghan.clayards [at] (Email)

Speech Learning Lab


BSc Linguistics, University of Victoria
MA Cognitive Science, University of Rochester
PhD Cognitive Science, University of Rochester

Research Interests

Dr. Clayards' research interests are in speech perception, online auditory word recognition, acoustic phonetics and learning. She uses acoustic analysis of speech to look at patterns of variability in acoustic-phonetic cues and perception and training studies to see how that variability affects speech processing. Eye-tracking and the visual world paradigm are used to investigate how acoustic phonetic cues are integrated in real time during on-line word recognition. Current projects are also investigating the effects of variability on word learning in toddlers and adult second language learners.

Representative Publications

Bejjanki, V.R., Clayards, M., Knill, D.C., Aslin, R.N., (2011) Cue integration in categorical tasks: insights from audio-visual speech perception. PLOS one 6(5): e19812.

Clayards, M., Toscano, J. (2010, August) Modeling L2 learning of phonological categories. Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society, Portland, OR

Clayards, M. (2010, January) Using probability distributions to account for recognition of canonical and reduced word forms. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Baltimore, MD.

Gaskell, G., Clayards, M., Niebuhr, O. (2009, November) Cross-linguistic effects in the perception of assimilated speech. Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, Boston, MA.

Clayards, M. (2009, January) Can multiple speech cues be treated as independent? Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, San Francisco, CA.

Bejjanki, V.R., Clayards, M., Knill, D.C., Aslin, R.N. (2008, September) Speech perception involves statistically optimal multi-modal integration. Poster presented at Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing, Cambridge, UK.

Niebuhr, O., Clayards, M., Meunier, C., Lancia, L. (in revision) On place assimilation within sibilant sequences – comparing French and English. Journal of Phonetics

Clayards, M, Tanenhaus, M.K., Aslin, R.N., Jacobs, R.A (2008) Perception of speech reflects optimal use of probabilistic speech cues. Cognition, 108(3), 804-809.

McMurray, B., Clayards, M., Tanenhaus, M.K., Aslin, R.N., (2008) Tracking the time course of phonetic cue integration during spoken word recognition. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 15(6), 1064-1071

Aslin, R.N., Clayards, M.A, Bardhan, N.P., (2008) Mechanisms of auditory development: From sounds to words. In C. Nelson Ed. Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Second Edition. p 97-116.

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