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Christina Lattermann

Academic title(s): 

Part-time Assistant Professor (Professional)

Christina Lattermann
Contact Information
Email address: 
christina.lattermann [at]

State-examined Speech-Language Pathologist, Westfaelische Wilhelms - University, Germany
M.Sc. (C) Speech-Language Pathology, McGill University, Canada
Ph.D. Psychology, University of Kassel, Germany

Current research: 

Dr. Lattermann is a member of the Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium for early stuttering intervention. Her research focuses on the development of childhood stuttering and on treatment of stuttering in children. She is interested in the implementation of the Lidcombe Program in different cultural contexts and in the treatment of bilingual children who stutter. Research interests also include the relationship between fluency disorders and language abilities in preschool-aged children.

Selected publications: 
Part time - Adjunct - Associate Faculty
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