Aparna Nadig, Ph.D.

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Aparna Nadig, Ph.D.
Contact Information
Email address: 
aparna.nadig [at] mcgill.ca

BA Cognitive Studies, Lewis & Clark College, Reed College
MS Cognitive Science, Brown University
PhD Cognitive Science, Brown University

Research areas: 
Autism spectrum disorders
Healthy adults
Typically-developing infants and children
Current research: 

My research focuses on pragmatic development, social communication, and language and communication in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. I am especially interested in how we use multiple sources of information (visual, prosodic, from previous discourse, about our conversational partner) to arrive at a speaker’s intended meaning, and how we do this in real time, and what characteristics underlie this ability.

Current work in my lab examines:

  • Mechanisms underlying language learning in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (e.g., memory systems, executive functions, preferential attention to gaze)
  • Individual differences in the dynamics of conversation (e.g., reciprocity of topic, coordination of gaze with turn taking, collaboration on referential pacts)
  • The efficacy of our newly-developed Transition Support Program for young adults with ASD (in collaboration with Prof. Tara Flanagan, McGill Educational and Counselling Psychology)
  • Infants’ learning about objects from social cues versus repeated exposure (in collaboration with Prof. Kristine Onishi, McGill Psychology)  
Selected publications: 
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