Alvaro Iturralde Zurita

Academic title(s): 

PhD student

Alvaro Iturralde Zurita
Dr. Meghan Clayards (Supervisor)
Contact Information
Email address: 
alvaro.iturraldezurita [at]
Current research: 

My research focuses on speech perception using spontaneous speech and second language learning. With my current projects I intend to add to the growing literature on L2 word segmentation. I specifically look at the use of F0 and syllable lengthening and how these are pitted against other cues such as lexicality. With the use of techniques such as eye-tracking and pupillometry I intend to better understand the process of Word Segmentation in real time.

Selected publications: 

Peperkamp, S. & Iturralde Zurita, A. (2019). Compensation for French liquid deletion during auditory sentence processing. In proceedings of Interspeech, Graz, pp. 1951-1955.

PhD Student
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