Video and Photo/Picture Contest

As part of our 50th anniversary events, we would like to invite you to participate in our

Video and photo/picture contest about the SCSD (and Beatty Hall)

The ‘challenge’: We are hoping to receive short video clips (between just a few seconds and 10 min) or photographs/pictures from you that would reflect your current life or your memories about your time at SCSD. All video clips and photographs will later be posted (by us) on this website (with your names or anonymously, as you prefer), and an edited sequence of contributions will be presented at the SCSD Gala Dinner on October 25th as well. 

Content: There are no restrictions other than that the content should be related to the SCSD and/or Beatty Hall. For instance, you could think about incorporating “50” or “5” as a theme in whichever way you find interesting.  –  “50 seconds at SCSD”, “5 decades”, or “5 things about SCSD that I will always remember” are just a few examples of what your video or photographs could be about. Other possibilities include short interviews of people at Beatty Hall or elsewhere (e.g., “What do you think a speech language pathologist does?”). But of course, we have confidence that our exceptionally creative community might come up a video clip of your own inspiration!

If you wish to share some memories with us, but not in form of a video, we would be delighted to receive some old or current pictures as well. If you do submit a picture, please let us know a little bit about the context (who is in the picture, when it was taken, where and at what occasion). If you only have a printed version of the picture, please contact us by email !

Format: Any standard picture or video format (with or without sound) is acceptable (please contact us at 50years.scsd [at], if you have questions).

Deadline for video/picture submissions for this contest has been extended to Sunday, October 6th (23:59 h)

Prizes: All contributions will be reviewed and ranked by a jury. The best three submissions will be announced at the gala dinner on October 25 (and later on this website), and the winners will receive an invitation to join the gala dinner as a guest of honour (one invitation per winning submission).

Submission guidelines:

  1. The maximum file size is limited to 5 GB.
  2. Files should be named as Firstname_Lastname.ext (where .ext is the extension, e.g., Jane_Doe.avi) . If you have more than one file, please enumerate the files (e.g., Jane_Doe1.avi, Jane_Doe2.avi, etc.).
  3. To submit the file(s), please go to and upload your file(s). If they are large, this may take a few minutes. When you are done, Filedropper will provide you with a link name (e.g.,
  4. Once you have received this link name, please send an email to 50years.scsd [at] This email should
    1. have the subject line “contest submission” and
    2. include both your name and the Filedropper link name in its main text.
    3. Please also indicate if you want the file(s) to be posted with your name (and the name of other authors) or anonymously. In the latter case we will rename the file(s) accordingly.
    4. In addition, you may want to include additional information about the video or picture, how it was made, about the people involved, and so on.
  5. As soon as we have downloaded your file from, we will send you an email confirming the receipt.

Consent form for participants in your video:

If you feel that you need a consent from people recorded in your video, here are a few suggestions of what kind of information should be included:

  • Name of person(s) involved (i.e., YOU and the other 'producers'/authors of the video)
  • Working title + brief description of video project
  • I, …<name>..., herewith give permission that any audio/video recordings of me in this video can be used in the SCSD video and picture contest as described at , including for postings online on the internet (e.g., SCSD half century websites, SCSD facebook websites) and for presentation at the SCSD gala dinner/conference dinner on October 25th 2013 and other events. I know that this is not a commercial video and do not expect any payment for my participation in it.
  • [If needed, add more detailed descriptions of video sequences that are subject to this consent (e.g., if certain sequences should NOT be included)]
  • Place + date (Montreal, ...)
  • Name of participant/'artist' in block letters + Signature

For more information about this contest, our 50th anniversary, and for questions and suggestions please send us an email at 50years.scsd [at]

We are looking forward to hearing from you - and can’t wait to see your contributions!!