Dr. Rick Stapenhurst


Dr. Rick Stapenhurst is an Assistant Professor at McGill University. He is a former board member at Parliamentary Centre, member of Transparency International, and North American co-chair of the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists. Prior to joining McGill University, he worked at the World Bank concentrating on anticorruption and parliamentary development, and writing extensively on these issues. Dr. Rick Stapenhurst holds a doctorate in Business and Commerce from Australian National University, where he researched presidential and parliamentary systems of government. His most recent publications include Anti-Corruption Evidence: The Role of Parliaments in Curbing Corruption (Springer, 2020), a book which he co-edited with Rasheed Draman, Brooke Larson and Anthony Staddon; Legislative Decline in the 21st Century, co-edited with Irina Khmelko and Michael Mezey (Routledge, 2000) and Developing an index of EX_POST Parliamentary Oversight of Parliamentary Finance (Journal of Legislative Studies, 2019) which he co-authored with Kerry Jacobs and Cedric Eboutou. 

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