Bachelor of Education

(Secondary Program, Science and Technology, or Secondary Program, Mathematics)

The B.Ed. Secondary program is available to students wishing to train as secondary science teachers. The program consists of academic and professional courses, as well as studies in pedagogy and educational foundations and is aligned with the specifications of the Quebec Ministère de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS).

The required 60 credits of Education courses must combine with academic courses in science and electives to total 120 credits (or 150 credits if enrolled in the Freshman Program) and fulfill all the requirements of the Bachelor of Education for graduation. The Science courses are largely the same as those required for the concurrent program, although there is some small degree of additional flexibility.

The Freshman Year requirements are found on the website of the Education Student Affairs Office.

See the full description of the Bachelor of Education Secondary Program in the Faculty of Education section of the University Calendar.

Professional component (60 credits):

In addition to 27 credits of professional seminars and field experiences, the following Education courses are required.

  • EDEC 247 Policy Issues in Quebec Educ
  • EDPE 300 Educational Psychology
  • EDEC 260 Philosophical Foundations
    EDEC 261 Philosophy of Catholic Ed.
  • EDPI 309 Diverse Learners
  • EDPI 341 Instruction in Inclusive Schls
  • EDES 350 Classroom Practices
  • EDEC 262 Media, Tech. and Education
  • EDEC 248 Equity and Education
    EDEC 233 Indigenous Education
  • EDPE 304 Measurement and Evaluation

In addition, pedagogy courses for the B.Ed. must include the Methods courses for your chosen profile.

  • EDES 335 Teaching Secondary Science 1
    EDES 435 Teaching Secondary Science 2


  • EDES 353 Teaching Sec. Mathematics 1
    EDES 453 Teaching Sec. Mathematics 2

Academic Component (54 credits):


The Secondary Science and Technology program provides students with the subject matter expertise as approved by the Quebec Ministère de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) to teach the secondary science curriculum in Quebec schools.  54 credits in designated science courses are selected to provide subject matter expertise in the four areas shown below.  Consult the PDF file "Academic Course List" on the website of the Department of Integrated Studies for a full description of these requirements.

  • the Material World
  • Earth and Space
  • the Living World
  • the Technological World


In Mathematics, students have the option of completing 54 credits in Mathematics or 36 credits in Mathematics plus 18 credits in another teachable subject (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History & Citizenship, English, or Ethics and Religious Culture). Consult the PDF file "Academic Course List" on the website of the Department of Integrated Studies for a full description of these requirements.

Electives (6 credits):

To complete the program, there are 6 elective credits.