Degree Transfers




The Minerva application to transfer into the Faculty of Science, or to transfer into the B.A. & Sc. degree for Fall term will be available on Minerva as of March 1st.  The application deadline on Minerva will be May 15th. 

If you are already a McGill student pursuing an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree, and you would like to change your degree, there are two ways to do this - Inter-faculty transfer, and Intra-faculty transfer.

Inter-faculty transfer refers to changing from one degree to another (from a B.A. to the B.A.&Sc. for example). B.Sc. Groups and Transfer Requirements. Please refer to the student account website for further information on the possible change of tuition fees and other services.

Intra-faculty transfer refers to B.Sc. students who want to switch from one Group within the B.Sc. degree to another (switching from the Biological, Biomedical and Life Sciences (BBL) Group to the Physical, Earth, Math and Computer Science (PEMC) Group, for example). Transfer Requirements.




Students entering U3 with 84 or more credits* are no longer eligible to apply to transfer into the B.Sc. or into the B.A.&Sc.




*Students admitted to McGill from a CEGEP DEC and transfer students from another university – your credit limit is 84 credits as indicated by the TOTAL CREDITS value on your Minerva transcript.




*Students admitted to McGill from International Baccalaureate or the French Baccalaureate, or who were granted advanced standing due to Advanced Placement examinations, GCE A-Levels, and other qualifications – your credit limit is 84 + the number of advanced standing credits indicated on your Minerva transcript. (In other words, 84 credits post-admission.)




Students entering U3 with less than 84 credits: You must have completed a minimum of 24 credits which can be applied to the proposed program, with an average GPA of 3.0 in these credits with no grade below "C".




If you are not a McGill student, but are studying at another university and want to transfer to McGill, you must apply through the Admissions website as a Transfer student.




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