Course registration problems - who to contact

Registration for courses is controlled by the departments who offer the courses. SOUSA advisors cannot help you register for courses that are full or restricted, or have other issues. You must contact the department who offers the course. However, for some courses, there are specific people to contact to resolve registration issues.

For general questions regarding program requirements, contact the Program Advisors. Some of the people listed below are program advisors, but some are not.


Department / Program Course(s) Contact Notes
Anatomy & Cell Biology ANAT undergradadvisor.acb [at] (Penny Kaill-Vinish) Please contact by email.  For ANAT 321, permits are only given if this is a required course for your program; all other students must check Minerva to see if space opens up. 
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science ATOC timothy.merlis [at] (Timothy Merlis) Contact by email.
Biology BIOL 111, 112 annemarie.lheureux [at] (Anne Marie L’Heureux) Review this information first:

PDF icon Registration Instructions for BIOL 111 and BIOL 112

Biology BIOL 200, 201, 202, 219 susan.gabe [at] (Susan Gabe) or nancy.nelson [at] (Nancy Nelson) If courses are full, contact Susan.
Biology BIOL 301 anne-marie.sdicu [at] (Anne-Marie Sdicu) Review this information first: Registration Instructions for BIOL 301 
Biology Other BIOL susan.gabe [at] (Susan Gabe) If there is a waitlist students should use the Minerva quick add/drop menu to sign up.  For complementary courses, there is not much that can be done. For required courses, contact Susan.
Biochemistry BIOC carmen.paezmendoza [at] (Carmen Aimee Paez Mendoza) Only for required courses for your program program.
Chemistry CHEM advisor.chemistry [at] (Lina Alvarez) Contact by email only.
Computer Science COMP adina.puica [at] (Adina Puica) Contact by email only.
Earth & Planetary Sciences EPSC jeanne.paquette [at] (Jeanne Paquette) Contact by email only.
Earth Science System ESYS william.minarik [at] (William Minarik) Contact by email only.
Geography GEOG advisor.geog [at] (Geography Advisor) Contact by email only.
Mathematics & Statistics MATH angela.white [at] (Angela White)
BURN 1005
Attend classes to see if students drop the class.  If you cannot get in by the second class then go to department in Burnside Hall room 1005. You MUST bring a printed academic schedule from Minerva.
Microbiology & Immunology MIMM Undergrad.microimm [at] (Jennifer DiMassimo) See the department website for drop-in times and location.
Neuroscience NSCI 200, 300, 400 [at] (Physiology) During peak periods (April and May) there will be significant delays before answering.
Neuroscience NSCI 201 paola.carvajal [at] (Psychology) Email only.
Pharmacology & Therapeutics PHAR undergradstudies.pharmacology [at] (Chantal Grignon) Email only.
Physiology PHGY [at] (Sonia Viselli) During peak periods (April and May) there will be significant delays before answering.
Physics PHYS ugradcoordinator.physics [at] (Olivia Sanalitro) Email
Psychology PSYC paola.carvajal [at] (Paola Carvajal) For PSYC 204, permits are for required course in program, only. All others must wait for spaces to open up.
Psychology PSYC independent research courses julia.marussi [at] (Julia Marussi) Hand in applications to 2001 McGill College, Room 469.