Transferring from Another University

Welcome to McGill and congratulations on being accepted as a transfer student.

The University admissions office is responsible for granting credit and/or exemptions for courses taken at another University as well as any advanced standing credits.  The admissions office will determine credits and/or exemptions for any Science freshman courses you may have taken. Credits/exemptions will appear on your Minerva transcript, however this may take some time.

In order to determine if you have any outstanding Science freshman program courses to complete, you must submit the online course approval form to SOUSA (below).    An adviser will review the form, and let you know if there are any outstanding Science freshman program requirements that you must complete.  If you have any questions after you have submitted the form, please contact your SOUSA adviser for clarification.

Course approval form for B.Sc. students
Course approval form for B.A.&Sc. students

Any remaining transfer credits beyond the freshman courses from your previous university studies will appear on your Minerva transcript as TRNS XXX (generic transfer credits) and are dealt with by the Faculty of Science.  A Registrar’s Hold may be placed on your record until you have completed the process of having these credits evaluated, see below for details. 

It is important to note that courses previously taken prior to attending McGill may count as program requirements and must be evaluated for course equivalency. Make sure that you do not register for a course at McGill for which you have an exemption as you will not receive credit if you take the same course a second time.   

In order to determine course equivalency follow the steps listed below.

  • Email mary.gauthier [at] (Mary Gauthier), with a copy of your unofficial transcript to start the process. 
  • All courses taken prior to coming to McGill, for which you have not already received advanced standing credits from Admissions, must be approved using the Course Equivalency System.

    Search the Course Equivalency System to determine if the course you have to taken has already been approved.  You may want to use the “External” course number and then “Country” or “Institution” to determine if the course has already been approved.  Make sure you also tick off “Include Expired Decisions”.  The course may have already been approved, but might be expired, which means you will have to request a “Reassessment”. (See FAQ’s).

    If the course appears on the database, email Mary, providing the following information: Course number at host university and Approved McGill Equivalency

    If the course is not on the course database, then you must login (using your McGill email address and password) and “Submit a Request”. For further information on using the system, please go to Frequently asked questions and Course syllabus checklist

    In addition to the required list of syllabus information, detailed on the Course Syllabus Checklist, you must also ensure that the syllabus contains the following information: 

    Institution's name
    Course number
    Course description (content)
    Date of course/syllabus (year/term)

    Submit your request(s).

    Once your courses have been officially approved on the course database, you must send a follow up email to Mary with the following information:  Course number at host university and Approved McGill equivalency.

    You must also add all courses to the “Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form”.  You can only access the form as of September 4th.  To access this form go to: Minerva > Student Records Administration Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Transfer Credit Assessment.   Only courses that appear on the Course Equivalency System can be added to the Transfer Credit Assessment Form.  For further information, please refer to the Help Field on Minerva.  

    Once all of your courses have been evaluated, your Minerva transcript will be updated to reflect the McGill course equivalencies.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact mary.gauthier [at] (Mary Gauthier), study away adviser.

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