B.Sc. Graduation Checklist

Make sure you have completed these steps and satisfied these requirements. See your SOUSA advisor if you have questions or have trouble making a change on Minerva.

  1. Apply to graduate on Minerva in your final year. Deadlines vary, and can be a few months before graduation. Do this when you are pretty sure when you will graduate. Note that applying for graduation does not affect your ability to change your courses or your programs, and you do not have to wait for your final grades to show on your transcript, even if you have deferred an exam from a previous term.

    Select the correct term of graduation:
    Winter = May graduation, June convocation
    Summer = October graduation, November convocation
    Fall = February graduation, June convocation

    This should show near the top of your Minerva transcript, on the right.
    If you cannot select the term you want on Minerva, contact your SOUSA advisor. Do NOT select any other term that is "close"!
    See the Convocation and Diploma site for instructions on attending convocation and getting your diploma.
  2. 120 credits minimum total required for Bachelor degree. Shows at bottom of transcript under "Total Credits".
  3. Freshman requirements met (non-CEGEP students), even if you were admitted into U1.
    If you received 24 or more advanced standing credits and were accepted into U1, you are still responsible for ensuring that your freshman sciences are complete.
  4. Correct program(s) on transcript in final term.
    Verify your Minerva transcript. You cannot graduate with an incomplete program on your record in your final term. If you do not intend to complete a program, drop it. Also, you will not graduate from a program if it is not listed in your final term. (Management minors can be an exception, we sometimes add those late).
    If you think you are in an Honours program, it should say so on your transcript. If it does not, see your program advisor.
  5. All programs completed. Check with your program advisor(s).
    Please check this early enough to make course changes if needed.
  6. Max 18 credits outside Arts and Science allowed. Some programs can exceed this limit.
  7. No restricted courses outside Arts and Science! Check our list of restricted courses.
    If you take a course outside Arts or Science and it is on the Approved list, that is ok. If it is on the Not Approved list (or not listed at all), you may not get credit. See your SOUSA advisor.
  8. All transfer credits from study away or exchange show on your transcript.
    This is why students cannot graduate in the same term they have an exchange or study away. The credits will not arrive in time.
  9. S/U option – max allowed is 10% of your McGill credits. Only for electives!
    If you did and exchange year and only did 90 credits at McGill, then you can only have a max of 9 credits with the S/U option. Cannot be used for program or freshman courses.
  10. Repeated courses only get credit once if passed more than once. Watch your credit total, especially if you are repeating a course where you already earned a D grade!
    If you are repeating a topics or research project course, be sure to contact your SOUSA advisor to verify that you will get credit twice. Otherwise you may not!

    How can you tell if you are getting credit? Once the grade is on your transcript, you will see [A] [I] or [E] beside it.
    [A] - included in CGPA but excluded from credit count
    [I] - included in CGPA and included in credit count
    [E] - excluded from both CGPA and credit count
  11. CGPA 2.00 minimum required (3.00 for honours, but some programs are higher)
    If you are in an honours program and cannot meet the 3.0 (or higher, depending on the department) requirement, talk to your program advisor about your options.
  12. Pay all your fees, including library fines. While this will not prevent graduation, if you have a fee hold on your Minerva transcript (just below your name and ID info), you may not be able to get your diploma or order official transcripts until the hold is cleared. If you have questions about your fees, see Service Point.