Graduating Students


Use these checklists to ensure that there are no surprises when you want to graduate. These are the things we check when reviewing your file for graduation, so it is a good idea for you to review these early enough to make changes if needed.

Info on applying to graduate, convocation dates and picking up your diploma are on the McGill Graduation site.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply to graduate?
In your final year, preferably at the start of your final term, but you can apply earlier.

What if I don’t see the term of graduation that I want on the application?
You might be too early (don’t apply a year in advance) or you may have missed the deadline to apply on Minerva. Don’t panic, the Minerva deadline is very early (especially for the Summer term) for technical reasons, but there are work-arounds. Talk to your SOUSA advisor. Don’t delay!

Do I have to inform my program advisors that I am graduating?
No, that will happen automatically. However, it is a good idea to check with them to ensure you are on track to graduate.

When will my transcript indicate that I have graduated?
The Degree Awarded notification and any earned honourifics like "Dean's Honour List" or "Distinction" appears on transcripts three times each year.
Winter graduation: Late May
Summer graduation: Late October
Fall graduation: Late February (but honourifics only appear in late May)

Can I graduate in June if I have a Summer course that ends in May?
No. You cannot normally register for a Summer term course if you have a Winter term graduation flag (see the next question). Also, you cannot graduate in Winter if you need a Summer course to complete your degree. You can graduate in the Summer term (October).

I need to take a summer course to qualify for another program.  Does this mean I can’t graduate?
If you don't need the summer course for your current degree, you can graduate in May and register for the summer course as a Special Student. See the Summer Studies website for instructions.

Should I wait until after my final term courses are finalized before applying for graduation?
No, you can apply before then. Having a graduation flag on your record will not affect your ability to make changes in your final term. But it will prevent you from registering for later terms. So if you change your mind about graduating and need to take another term, you will need to change your graduation term first.

I just failed a course in my final term. Should I change my graduation term now?
Only if you need to take another course right away. If not, let us review your record first. That will help us to give you complete advice on what you need to graduate.

My major is complete but I only have 119 credits. Can I still graduate?
You will need to complete at least one more credit before you can graduate. The bachelor degree requires 120 credits.

Can I graduate with more than 120 credits?
Yes. If you will be going over 120 credits by more than a term, you should see your SOUSA advisor.

My major is complete but my minor is not. Can I still graduate?
You cannot graduate with an incomplete program on your record in your final term. You must either drop it or stay to complete it. Either way, you need to let your SOUSA advisor know. We cannot drop or change your programs without your written consent.

I missed an exam and had to defer it. Can I still graduate?
If the course you deferred was in your final term, then normally you would have to delay graduation to the next term. Deferred exams are written several months after the original exam. However, you should talk to your SOUSA advisor about your options.

My project is taking longer to complete than planned, and I have been granted an extension. Can I still graduate?
We cannot graduate you if all of your final grades are not on your record, but we can leave your file pending until our deadline to see if your grade comes in. Depending on how much of an extension you need, you may have to delay graduation until the next term. See your SOUSA advisor about that.

Can I take a course at another university in my last term and still graduate?
No. We do not allow students who are on a term away or taking a course at another university nearby to apply to graduate in the same term. It takes too long for the grades to come in and the credits to transfer. You can apply to graduate in the next term.

Can I graduate with Honours if I have the correct courses but my CGPA is below 3.00?
No. The minimum CGPA allowed by the University for Honours is 3.00. Talk to your program advisor about your options.