Study away and Exchanges

Studying away from McGill is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity whose benefits can go far beyond academic learning. The opportunity to study at another university can add significant dimensions to your undergraduate education by enabling you to develop broader perspectives on your fields of study, to enhance skills in cross-cultural communication and critical thinking applicable to your everyday life and provide you with a chance for personal growth.

GRADUATING STUDENTS: As of the Summer 2011 term, students who are on any type of study away during their graduating term WILL NOT be able to graduate at the end of their final term; instead, these students must select a graduation term (on Minerva) for the term following their study away.

Note to American students regarding federal student aid: students who taking distance education (online courses), research abroad, Official McGill Exchange or a Study Abroad program, please review the rules and regulations on the Scholarships and Student Aid website or go to the Scholarships and Student Aid office, Brown Building.


Options for study away

McGill Student Exchange Programs for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

Independent Study Away at a University Outside of Quebec for 2017/2018 Academic Year

Study at a Quebec University (IUT): Summer 2016, Fall 2016 or Winter 2017.

Summer Studies (2017) at a University Outside of Quebec

Reference material for students and advisers

Course selection and Approvals:

  • Course Equivalency System

    All courses taken abroad must be approved using the Course Equivalency System.

    Search the course equivalency database to determine if the course you want to take has already been approved.  You may want to use the “External” course number and then “Country” or “Institution” to determine if the course has already been approved.  Make sure you also tick off “Include Expired Decisions”.  The course may have already been approved, but might be expired, which means you will have to request a “Reassessment”.

    If the course is not on the course database, then you must login (using your McGill email address and password) and “Submit a Request”. For further information on using the system, please go to Frequently asked questions

    Once you have made a study away application, you will then have access to the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form”.  Only courses that appear on the Course Equivalency System can be added to the Transfer Credit Assessment Form.  For further information, please refer to the Help Field on Minerva.  Make sure that the course syllabus has: the name of the University indicated, and the year/term that the course syllabus was written is indicated.

    If you intend to use this course towards a program requirement you will need to email the departmental program adviser to get their approval on the Transfer Credit Assessment form once the course has been added to the Transfer Credit Assessment form.  Please consult the list of PDF icon Departmental Contact List

    Online courses must be approved (before being taken) by the Faculty of Science (even if the course has been approved on the course equivalency system).  Send a detailed course syllabus to mary [dot] gauthier [at] mcgill [dot] ca

    The Faculty of Science has the right to request a course syllabus (even if the course is approved on the course equivalency system).  The Faculty of Science has the final approval for all courses taken by a Faculty of Science (or B.A. & Sc.) student taken outside of McGill.

    You cannot assume that you will receive 3 credits for a course equivalency even if the course is 3 credits at McGill.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mary Gauthier (mary [dot] gauthier [at] mcgill [dot] ca).

  • List of Approved Host Universities. A listing of universities which are approved for Independent Study Away requests. If a university is not listed, it may not have been previously requested or it may not be approved for transfer credits. Refer to: Independent Study Away, Step 2, for details about how to request approval for a university that is not on the list.
  • McGill's Partner Institution for Exchange Programs A listing of McGill's partner institutions available for exchange programs for the fall 2017 and/or winter 2018 academic year.

Study-away advising sessions

If you have SPECIFIC questions concerning your Study Abroad options which are NOT answered on this website, feel free to drop in during one of the advising sessions.

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts & Science students: may come during Drop-in Hours. session and ask to see Mary Gauthier. Please go to Room 405 in Dawson Hall.