Errors in registration

Before the end of the course change period for each term all students must use Minerva to check their course registration. Students should ensure that they are correctly registered in all courses they wish to complete. Students who notice errors in registration after registration deadlines have passed may request that the error be corrected. However, as students are responsible for checking their registration before published deadlines, normally only one correction is permitted per student during his/her academic career. Correcting a record when a registration error has been made is costly both in time and money, and in some instances may not be possible at all.

To request the correction of a registration error, students must submit an appeal to Service Point. the course registration form must be completed by the student and the course instructor(s), and there is a charge for each change that is made to a student record. In addition, the request to make the correction may be refused (if registration errors have been approved in previous terms) or may be submitted too late to be considered at all. Requests to correct registration errors must be made within one month of term end; requests made after this period may not be possible to approve even with a valid explanation and proper approval(s) from professor(s).


  • Obtain the Form to Correct Errors in Course Registration from Service Point , 3415 McTavish St.
  • Write a letter in which you explain clearly and concisely why you are making this request. Include the following information:
    • when you started and/or stopped attending the class
    • whether you tried making these changes yourself, and if so, when.
  • Take your letter and the form to your course instructor(s) and have the instructor(s) complete the appropriate areas of the form. Instructors are asked to indicate whether the student has been attending the course and, in the case of the addition of the course to a student record, whether the student will be permitted to register late.
  • Take the letter and the form to Service Point.

Note: Courses are not removed from the student's record when a registration error is corrected. A withdrawal from the course is granted.