Course change period

There is a Course Change (Add/Drop) Period during both the fall and the winter terms. This allows you to "shop around" for courses which you may be interested in taking but have not registered for. From the beginning of the term until the end of Course Change Period you may attend as many courses as your schedule will permit. You will access Minerva before the Course Change deadlines to add or drop courses. Step-by-step instructions are availableĀ on how to add/drop courses via Minerva. All courses are limited by enrollment; therefore, do not wait until the last minute to register.

Courses dropped during the Course Change Period are deleted from your record. Your record will show only the courses in which you are registered after the Course Change Period. If you drop a course within the deadlines for the Course Change Period, you will get a refund for the course; if you add a course during this period, you will be charged for the course.

As a freshman-program student, you must have your changes approved by the SOUSA advisers.

Courses which are cancelled by the University are not automatically deleted from your record; you must access Minerva and delete the course(s).

If you find after the Course Change Period that you neglected to add a course, you will be required to make a written appeal to Service Point , requesting that the course(s) be added to your record. You must be able to explain adequately why you were unable to add the course(s) during Course Change Period.