Washington Semester Program

B.A. & Sc. students can apply to this program by following the steps, which includes submitting required forms, for Study Away on the SOUSA website.

  1. B.A. & Sc. students must complete the following components of the program:
    • Seminar I (four credits)
    • Seminar II (four credits)
    • Internship
    • Research project (four credits)
  2. Twelve (12) transfer credits will be granted provided all the following conditions are satisfied:
    • All components must be completed with a grade of C or better.
    • If any of the grades are below C, 4 credits will be granted only for the component in which the final grade is C or better, except for the internship, for which a maximum of three (3) credits may be awarded.
    • The method of evaluation for each seminar course and the research project must consist of written exams or term papers. Students should confirm this requirement before registering in the program.
    • Students must arrange for The Dean of the Washington Semester Program at the American University to send a letter that includes a Grade Report Summary directly to the Student Affairs Office of the Faculties of Arts and of Science. The Grade Report Summary must confirm the satisfactory completion of the program with a grade of C or better in each of the two seminar courses, the internship and the research project.
  3. Students who satisfy the four conditions above and wish to apply to receive three (3) additional credits for the internship must proceed as indicated below.
    • Submit a letter specifying the reasons for requesting transfer credits for the internship and indicating how the internship relates to their academic program(s) to the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science.
    • Arrange to have the internship supervisor send a letter that indicates the academic nature of the internship (analytical content and method of evaluation) as well as an evaluation of the student’s performance directly to the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science. Students should request the Student Affairs Office to send a copy of this letter to the department in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science that will evaluate the internship (see #3 below) and to their program adviser(s).
    • Arrange to have the departmental/program academic adviser in the most appropriate department in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science evaluate the letter from the internship supervisor as well as all the written assignments and term papers of the internship.
    • If the internship is approved for three (3) transfer credits, ask the departmental/program adviser to sign the Course Approval Form.