Possible credit for internship courses

B.A. & Sc. students may be permitted to receive a maximum of 6 credits for internships to be used towards their degree requirements. There are three types of internships that are eligible for credit.

  1. Internships courses offered by McGill Departments:
    • Internships allow students to gain experience in areas relevant to their fields of study.
    • Internships are only open to U2 and U3 students in good standing, normally after completing 30 credits of a 90-credit program or 45 credits of a 96 to a 120-credit program, who have a minimum CGPA of 2.7 and permission from the departmental Internship Adviser.
    • Internships will normally not fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400-level courses.
    • Internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work with an approved host institution or organization and provide a vehicle for allowing students to gain up to 3 credits towards their degrees.
    • At the completion of the internship, students must submit a major topical paper that discusses an aspect of the Internship from an academic perspective.
  2. The Washington Semester Program at the American University:
  3. Internship and field study courses offered by an accredited and recognized academic institution (host university) that grants 3 and 4-year bachelor degree programs:
    • These internship and field study courses will be assessed according to the transfer credit policies for study away.
    • Students must provide information regarding course content and the method of evaluation to the departmental/program academic adviser who will assess the course.
    • Students must arrange for the host university to send an official transcript that provides course numbers and letter or numerical grades directly to the Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA) Office.