How to see your advisor

How to see your SOUSA adviser during their drop-in hours

  • Drop-in sessions are usually about 15 minutes long.
  • Time slots are distributed on a first come, first served basis in Dawson Hall room 405.
  • Dawson Hall room 405 opens at 9am (10am on Wednesdays).
  • The time given to you is when you need to be back in Room 405, your adviser will call you. Note that the time is approximate. Advisors sometimes run a bit early or late, depending how their sessions are going.
  • Every effort is made to work around your schedule.
  • During peak periods (course change and before registration), time slots are distributed very quickly (within about 30 minutes from opening). Show up early, even if the drop-in schedule is for the afternoon. (Note that we cannot help you get into courses that are full or restricted. Contact the department that offers the course.)
  • Drop-in times are given out in person only, not over the phone or by email; and only on the day of the session, not before.

How to see your adviser outside of their drop-in hours

(If you are unable to come during your adviser’s drop-ins...)

  • Email your adviser providing multiple times when you are free so they can book an appointment for you at a later date.
  • Always use your McGill email address and include your ID number.
  • During peak periods (course change and before registration) it may take a while for your adviser to answer you. If it is urgent, come to Dawson Hall.