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2020 SURA Application Form: Part 1, Student

For Summer 2021:

  • TBC: Every application must include a scenario for a remotely-supervised project that the student can start and finish remotely.
  • Other program details are also pending update.
  • This webpage should be updated for 2021 before January 31.
  • Students and supervisors are encouraged to start discussing possible summer projects; however please do not apply yet for Summer 2021, as the competition has not yet been opened.

The information below pertains to Summer 2020.

Before you start, CLICK HERE AND READ THIS

About the form below:

  • This is the required application form for students to apply for the Science Undergraduate Research Award.
  • You cannot edit some of the fields, which are automatically populated once you log in. However most fields are required, are not automatically populated, and need to be completed by you.
  • Your supervisor must also complete a separate form.

About applying:

If applying for a SURA with a Physics professor, read these specific instructions first.

Your application dossier consists of three parts:

  1. This web-based form - more specifically, the email that you will receive after successfully completing it, as follows:

    • Fill out the form;

    • Press preview (at the bottom of the form);

    • Correct any data validation errors that may appear (for example, did you miss a required field?);

    • Check over the preview;

    • Press submit (at the bottom of the preview screen);

    • You should then receive an email copy of your form.

  2. Your transcripts. Exceptionally for this competition, unofficial transcripts are sufficient.

  3. Your supervisor's form.

How and where to submit your application:

  • As hardcopies (printed) - unless the department in question tells you they prefer an email or PDF copy.
  • To your supervisor's department - unless you are applying for the Pan-McGill SURA or a Social Equity SURA.


Refer to main SURA webpage for information, eligibility, deadlines, contact information.

Application form

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