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2020 SURA Application Form: Part 2, Supervisor

For Summer 2021:

  • TBC: Every application must include a scenario for a remotely-supervised project that the student can start and finish remotely.
  • Other program details are also pending update.
  • This webpage should be updated for 2021 before January 31.
  • Students and supervisors are encouraged to start discussing possible summer projects; however please do not apply yet for Summer 2021, as the competition has not yet been opened.

The information below pertains to Summer 2020.

Before you start, CLICK HERE AND READ THIS

About the form below:

  • This is the required application form for supervisors to apply for the Science Undergraduate Research Award.
  • This form must be submitted by the supervisor, not the student or someone else (because you submit this form instead of signing on paper).
  • Even if you have filled out NSERC USRA forms, you must fill these out in order for a student to receive a SURA. There are some questions and terms which are specific to SURA or different from NSERC USRA.

A complete SURA application consists of three parts:

  1. Student's application form: The student completes a separate web-based form, receives an email copy, prints the email. She/he may provide it to you, along with...
  2. Student's transcripts. Exceptionally for this competition, unofficial transcripts are sufficient.
  3. Supervisor's application form: Complete this web-based form. You must preview, and then submit. Print the email copy you will receive.

Note that there are slightly different application procedures specific to SURAs in the Department of Physics.

These 3 documents must be submitted to an administrative office, usually on paper.

Refer to the main SURA webpage for information, eligibility, deadlines, contact information.

Application form

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