'Cellular mechanisms of stress survival' - PHGY 396 Undergraduate Research Project Application Form

Supervisor's Name: U. Stochaj

Supervisor's Email: ursula.stochaj [at] mcgill.ca

Supervisor's Phone: 514-398-2949

Supervisor's Website:

Supervisor's department: Physiology

Course number: PHGY 396 (Physiology)

Term: Fall 2013-2014

Project start date: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Project end date: December, 2013
(The student must present his/her final report EITHER: by the last day of classes; OR, subject to the following conditions, no later than the last day of the final exam period. Conditions to end the project during the exam period: that submissions can be reviewed and grades submitted by the appropriate deadline, and also that the workload required to complete the project not exceed that normally required to prepare for final examinations.)

Project title: Cellular mechanisms of stress survival

Project description (50-100 words suggested): The stress response is a critical factor for many diseases; it is also essential for the survival of harmful environmental conditions. Following stress, cells halt protein synthesis to reallocate energy while minimizing damage. This protective mechanism promotes cell survival and is linked to the formation of stress granules in the cytoplasm. Stress granules are transient and dynamic compartments that contain multiple mRNAs and proteins. The formation of stress granules requires cell signaling events; however, these events are not fully understood. It is therefore the aim of this project to identify novel signaling pathways that control stress granule biogenesis in mammalian cells.

Prerequisite: 1 term completed at McGill + CGPA of 3.0 or higher; or permission of instructor.

Grading scheme (The final report must be worth at least 50% of final grade): Final report: 50%; Performance in the lab: 50%.

Project status: This project is open to applicant.

How students can apply: Contact by e-mail

Ethics, safety, and training: Supervisors are responsible for the ethics and safety compliance of undergraduate students. This project involves: Handling chemicals.