'The Effects of Single Point Mutations on RNA 3D Motifs' - COMP 396 Undergraduate Research Project Application Form

Supervisor's Name: Jerome Waldispuhl

Supervisor's Email: jerome.waldispuhl [at] mcgill.ca

Supervisor's Phone:

Supervisor's Website:

Supervisor's department: Computer Science

Course number: COMP 396 (Computer Science)

Term: Fall 2013-2014

Project start date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project end date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project title: The Effects of Single Point Mutations on RNA 3D Motifs

Project description (50-100 words suggested): Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) are essential to all form of life by performing a vast array of functions. They can achieve those by adopting complex three-dimensional structures. Our ability to detect single point mutations disrupting the native structure is crucial for the detection of diseases. An approximation of the 3D structure, called secondary structure, is usually used. This project aim is to study the effect of single point mutations that have been shown to not disrupt the secondary structure on the full 3D structure. In particular in highly organized components called motifs.

Prerequisite: 1 term completed at McGill + CGPA of 3.0 or higher; or permission of instructor.

Grading scheme (The final report must be worth at least 50% of final grade): Final Report: 50%; Laboratory Performance: 50%

Project status: This project is taken. The professor has no more '396' projects this term.

How students can apply: Bring a printed copy of this application form and your advising transcript to me during office hours.

Ethics, safety, and training: Supervisors are responsible for the ethics and safety compliance of undergraduate students. This project involves NEITHER animal subjects, nor human subjects, nor biohazardous substances, nor radioactive materials, nor handling chemicals, nor using lasers.